The easiest way to find and compare building materials

2050 Materials centralises all sustainability information into a single platform, enabling designers to save time and money at any project stage.

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Our Solution

Compare product sustainability in minutes

Product research is notoriously time-consuming.
We centralise and simplify sustainability information to help you save time, money, carbon and water.

  • 2050 Materials - Design


    Our platform provides elemental, product and material analysis tools for more efficient decision making in the early design stages. We link all tools to location-specific comparisons.

  • 2050 Materials - Source


    Our product-specific database makes material research, analysis, selection and benchmarking easier than ever. We collect, analyse and simplify complex data for you.

  • 2050 Materials - Communicate


    Our reports enhance communication processes and allow for transparent data exchanges. We connect the dots from inception to end of life.

How it works

Digitise, Analyse, Simplify

Sustainability data is scattered and complex to understand.

2050 Materials collects all sustainability information and provides simplified ratings. These ratings enable everyone to understand the performance of each product as well as to find and compare alternatives.

We cover all carbon life-cycle stages, water, circularity, end-of-life, financial considerations and available certifications.

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Discover, Brainstorm, Understand

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Our Mission

Transform human and environmental health by promoting sustainable buildings and making data-driven choices accessible to all.

Our Vision

We want to

  • Lead the change to an innovative, circular and green future for the built environment

  • Promote transparency in manufacturing and construction processes

  • Democratise sustainability, making it accessible and understandable to all

  • Eliminate waste and maximise resource value

Our team

We believe that changing the world starts from home

That is why we build tools to help architects and construction companies to build the green buildings of tomorrow.

  • Phanos Hadjikyriakou - Headshot

    Phanos Hadjikyriakou

    Co-founder & CEO

    LCA, ESG, Sustainability ratings, Climate Change Risk, SaaS startups; MSc Engineering, MBA

    Fun Fact
    Obsessed with the sea, movement, cooking and working on changing the world!

  • Stephanos Stephanov - Headshot

    Stephanos Stephanov

    Co-founder & Partnerships

    Quantity Surveying, Cost Consulting, Business Development, Construction Procurement, MRICS

    Fun Fact
    Passionate record collector. In love with nature, the sea, and riding the wind and waves!

  • Chandrashekar Challagonda - Headshot

    Chandrashekar Challagonda

    Co-Founder & CTO

    Technology Lead, Software Engineer, Entrepreneur

    Fun Fact
    Likes winter swimming, loves dogs and animals, mythology and politics. Trying to learn down hill skiing for 15 years.

  • Raquel Guerra Aragonés - Headshot

    Raquel Guerra Aragonés

    Architect & Researcher

    Green Design, Sustainable Construction, Neuroscience for Architecture, Biophilia, Urban Resilience, M. Architect Researcher

    Fun Fact
    Likes making music, arts, multiculturalism, traveling, foodie, fencing, and being in touch with Nature

  • Firehiwot Nesro Kedir - Headshot

    Firehiwot Nesro Kedir

    Research Advisor

    PhD candidate Civil Engineering, LCA, Industrialized Construction, Circular Economy, Building Assessments, LEED Green Associate

    Fun Fact
    Enjoys music, tennis and good food.

We’re on a mission to transform the built environment, join us.