Compare product sustainability in minutes.

We centralise and simplify product data to help your team understand design decision impacts at any stage.

Our solution

Let us transform the way you design, specify and procure products.


Interpret the impact of your design configurations before you start drawing.


Find the most innovative, locally-sourced products to meet your requirements.


Compare products easily, communicate your choices and contact manufacturers.

how we can help

We understand the struggles of designing for climate neutrality.

Low embodied carbon

Quickly generate and compare design options by using pre-defined structures or materials.

Find real products

Customise product research to your exact specifications. Go beyond just carbon.

Compare in minutes

Compare products, export visualisations and contact manufacturers.

The benefits

Access tools to transform the way you design.

  • Discover new products while reducing research and data management costs.
  • Understand product environmental data through our easy-to-use dashboards and tools.
  • Create your own library with products that suit your project, or host your in-house library.
  • Generate project specific impact reports with our dynamic and fully-customisable tools.