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Locally-sourced sustainable products

We centralise and simplify data around locally-sourced sustainable products, to help your team understand design decision impacts at any stage.

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Our solution

Let us transform the way you design, specify and procure products.


Interpret the impact of your design configurations before you start drawing.


Find the most innovative, locally-sourced products to meet your requirements.


Compare products easily, communicate your choices and contact manufacturers.

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We understand the struggles of designing for climate neutrality.

Low embodied carbon

Quickly generate and compare design options by using pre-defined structures or materials.

Find real products

Customise product research to your exact specifications. Go beyond just carbon.

Compare in minutes

Compare products, export visualisations and contact manufacturers.

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The benefits

Access tools to transform the way you design.

  • Discover new products while reducing research and data management costs.
  • Understand product environmental data through our easy-to-use dashboards and tools.
  • Create your own library with products that suit your project, or host your in-house library.
  • Generate project specific impact reports with our dynamic and fully-customisable tools.

"2050 Materials promises to revolutionise the construction industry in confronting the climate emergency. It's democratisation of material information provides specifiers with the ability to stay ahead of the curve, and empower designers to make a material difference to the built environment."

James Woodall

Sustainability lead at Skidmore, Owings & Merrill

"There is a severe lack of product specific information in one place for architects and interiors. The 2050 Materials platform has not only allowed us to start quantifying our projects but also persuading our supply chain to take part and submit their information to the platform. The platform also provides a what if prepopulated analysis to allow understanding of carbon at an entry level which has been successful in making staff wanting to learn more and feed back specific carbon results to clients. Only through a process of transparency and its assembly in a database can the design industry truly have an influence on the carbon impact of the future built environment."

Asif Din

Sustainability Director - Perkins&Will

“What should be easy is currently still confusing: Picking the best sustainable, circular and low carbon option for the building sector. And that’s exactly where 2050 Materials comes in. They make the process of selecting a material easy and transparent and empower us as Architects and Designers to make a conscious choice.”

Janina Nieper

Designer - D/DOCK

"2050 Materials has been a game-changer for me in quickly looking for and comparing material data across products in order to select the best option. Rather than spending hours collecting all of the relevant EPDs, material content information, etc. for ongoing projects, the platform reduces time spent collecting this crucial information significantly and allows me to more easily find construction products that help achieve our healthy, low-carbon construction goals."

Taleen Josefsson

Principle - TAJ Architecture Studio PLLC

“2050 Materials is the missing link between designers and the building industry. It enables us to make transparent and data-driven decisions in an intuitive way.”

Jan Dankmeyer

Architect - Lendager

"2050 Materials is a user-friendly and fast software that can help analyse materials, fittings and furniture from an environmental impact perspective. It allows design teams to access information and easily comparable data for different design iterations, and even enables people with a limited understanding of carbon or sustainability to prepare powerful environmental comparisons between buildings. It's also suitable for commercial interior design projects, while the options for product comparison – either by recycled content or carbon weight – can inform strategies around how to reduce CO2. The team behind this are attentive and enthusiastic, and they update the platform regularly. It has great potential to be used in our future projects."

Ana Rita Martins

Senior Associate Sustainability & Architect - Woodalls

A worthwhile material resource platform for any designer. It allows you to extract key sustainability data early in the process.

Polona Pirnat

Design Director - Bogle Architects

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The material library, tools and support your projects deserve


Research & compare sustainable products

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  • Thousands of products
  • Digital sustainability data
  • Download certificsations
  • Advanced filters
  • Manufacturer contact details


Research, compare and calculate your project impacts

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What's included:

  • Project access for 1 user
  • Interactive LCA dashboards
  • Unlimited scenarios
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Project progress tracking


Support on all sustainability and materials needs

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What's included:

  • Create assemblies library
  • Report project impacts
  • Compare designs
  • Training and tool support
  • Manage carbon budgets

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