Jul 20

Finding the most sustainable building materials is a matter of a few clicks

2050 Materials’ platform allows browsing, comparing, and sourcing sustainable building materials.

The building industry is behind a significant chunk of the carbon dioxide emissions daily. If the need to opt for more sustainable building materials is certainly key, so it is the one to inform builders about them.

That’s the mission of 2050 Materials, a European startup whose online platform helps engineers, architects, and contractors know more about sustainable building materials easily. Researching information on building solutions can be quite time-consuming, even for those eager to adopt more climate-friendly solutions. In a previous installment of the Startup of the Day series, we brought you the story of 2050 Materials. In this episode, the company’s marketing lead Noor Makhoul takes us through the latest developments.

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Screenshot of the 2050 Materials platform interface
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