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laiout collaboration with 2050 Materials
Case studies May 22

LAIOUT Automated Floor Plans - Powered by 2050 Materials

By integrating the carbon estimation into their app, LAIOUT are enabling users to make informed, sustainable choices in their building designs.

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2050 Materials Benchmark Generator Logo
Data & Research May 20

Leveraging the Python library AECData for Embodied Carbon Benchmarks

By leveraging the aecdata library and 2050 Materials’ API, architects and contractors can significantly improve their sustainability practices, making informed decisions based on reliable, science-based data.

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Gilasi Surfaces
Manufacturer Spotlights May 16

Case Study: Using Recycled Glass Countertops in an Architecture Firm Office

Quinn Evans - Washington DC uses Gilasi Glass stone which includes a high percentage of recycled content, aligning with LEED's Material Ingredient Credit.

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Caragreen and 2050 Materials collaboration image
Manufacturer Spotlights May 15

Quantifying Sustainability: CaraGreen Discloses Building Material Data & Promotes Transparency Using 2050 Materials

As the demand for transparency continues to grow, CaraGreen is taking proactive steps to optimize material health and performance.

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Green Community Concept
Data & Research May 13

In order to measure biodiversity value and foster a future that is nature positive, Ramboll launches Met­ric

The Americas Biodiversity Metric 1.0 is a free biodiversity quantification tool that assists businesses and organizations in achieving their sustainability objectives, which include no net loss of biodiversity, net gain of biodiversity, and transitioning to a more nature-positive state.

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Image of Pedroche dental clinic
Manufacturer Spotlights May 09

HIMACS used to implement an innovative dental clinic in Madrid thanks to its outstanding performance

After months of meticulous work, the renovated Pedroche dental clinic, designed by interior designers from Segadestudio, finally opens its doors.

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VERT - Next-Generation LCA Tool for the Built Environment
Case studies May 07

LCA tools in the built environment — VERT WLC Tool, powered by 2050 Materials

The landscape of LCA tools in the built environment is evolving rapidly. The status quo is shifting towards more advanced, API-driven solutions.

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Visualizing Data - Plotting Graphs and Deriving Statistics
Data & Research May 06

AECData Python Library Step 3— Visualizations & Statistical Analysis

Using the open-source Python package aecdata to do statistical analysis and plot graphs.

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API Data Integration
Data & Research May 02

AECData Python Library Step 2— Get filters and retrieve product data

Get your first data table with AECData.

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