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Climate impacts on design software — 2050 Materials API integration with Codesign

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Read below to understand how Codesign transformed their Concepting iPad App for Architects by adding a Carbon Calculator

With this new tool, customers can quickly try different building and material types and receive quick feedback regarding those decisions.

Integration of 2050 Materials’ API within Codesign - platform

Integration of 2050 Materials’ API within Codesign

As you are undoubtedly aware, the construction industry is responsible for approximately 40% of all global carbon emissions. This is an enormous issue, and there is no single solution.

Codesign is proud to partner with 2050 Materials to bring an early-stage Carbon Calculator to Codesign.

This simple tool takes the building data from Codesign’s building model and combines it with user-selected properties to calculate the carbon impact of the design.

CodeSign Carbon Calculator Platform

With this new tool, Codesign customers can quickly try different building and material types and receive quick feedback regarding those decisions. Combining these calculations with Codesign’s built-in design options allows architects to explore more and assess the outcomes early in the design process, ultimately allowing more informed decisions to be made before the cost of change becomes prohibitive.

Demo of 2050 Materials’ integration within Codesign

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Expand your tool’s sustainability capabilities!

Looking to elevate your Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tools? Contact us at for access to our comprehensive API. Let your team focus on developing innovative LCA software, while we handle the heavy lifting of data management.

API platform by 2050 Materials for seamless integration
API Docs by 2050 Materials

About 2050 Materials

2050 Materials is revolutionizing sustainable construction through data. Our AI-driven algorithms and LCA calculations collect top-notch climate data on building materials. Our API-first model makes integrating this data into your design process a breeze, allowing for real-time environmental impact assessments. Comprised of architects, data scientists, and sustainability experts, we don’t just offer data; we’re long-term partners in building a sustainable future.

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