May 22

LAIOUT Automated Floor Plans - Powered by 2050 Materials

laiout collaboration with 2050 Materials

2050 Materials & LAIOUT collaboration

LAIOUT provides automated floor plans in seconds for‍ architects, property managers and property developers.

With 2050 Materials, they have now taken it a step further by including industry-leading carbon data points from the platform and are now able to provide more accurate carbon calculations for every floor plan option they generate.

carbon calculations simulation

More accurate input on LAIOUT platform

By integrating the carbon estimation into their app, LAIOUT are enabling users to make informed, sustainable choices in their building designs.

The partnership with 2050 Materials highlights the impact of embedding real-time sustainability metrics directly into industry tools, helping shape a greener future.

Overview on the 2050 Materials API

At 2050 Materials, we use automated algorithms to collect a huge amount of unstructured data and apply LCA & ML models to fill-in data gaps, and reduce assumptions.

Play button 2050 Materials Benchmark Generator Dashboard

Our Data Explorer is powered by 2050 Materials’ API, to easily access and interpret extensive data on emissions, embodied water, and more, helping architects make informed, sustainable decisions.

Our API currently includes:
🌍 64 countries
🧱 123,110 products
🔗 41 product-type families

For more information on our API you can take a look at the tutorial videos we created under the API playlist and articles or get in touch with us on

More case studies around our API integrations here.

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